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A Crash Course on:

 1.  TikTok Mastery
2.  Reels Mastery
3.  SnapChat Mastery
4.  Audio Rooms Mastery


  • Social Media Teardown: My team will personally audit up to 2 of your businesses’s social media accounts (Instagram, LinkedIn or Facebook) just like we do for my Shark Tank partners ($250 value)
  • Free Access to the Digital Startup Network (where you learn insider tips about what I’m doing to grow my businesses right now) with me and marketing rockstar, Anik Singal, for the whole month of December ($97 value)
  • ​Game Changer Meeting Golden Ticket: 1 (out of only 100! I’ll take those odds) student will win a 30 minute Zoom Meeting with me to strategize about your business ($2,500 value)
  • Social Media Foundation Fast-Track Golden Ticket: 1 student will get access to my preferred marketing team and they will work with you to optimize your social media branding assets (cover photo, bio etc) ($2,500 value)
  • 9 Marketing Templates my team uses to plan effective campaigns everyday ($99 value)
  • ​​80+ Highly Converting Captions to speed up your social media success ($15 value)
  • My exact ​Social Media Content Calendar and a template for you to follow TODAY ($15 value)
  • ​34% discount just for being a VIP

TikTok Mastery
Reels Mastery
SnapChat Mastery
Audio Rooms Mastery

Plus 15 Free BONUSES

PLUS Instant Access to These 15 Amazing (NEVER SEEN BEFORE) Bonuses to help you take ACTION today!


5 Customizable Canva Templates for Reels and IGTV Covers

You want people to stop scrolling and look at your posts. These cover templates are designed to do just that (and all you need to do is plug in your business’ information with a free Canva account).


30 Days of Killer Content Pillars For Small Businesses Ebook

This resource gives you 1 month’s worth of content ideas. Don’t worry about spinning your wheels too much to create content ideas...I’ve taken care of that! Just focus on making the content.


How to Host (and ROCK) Your FIRST Facebook Audio Room: A Step-by-Step Checklist

Audio Rooms are so new, so you might be wondering how to even host a room. I cover all of that (and even give some public speaking tips) in this cheat sheet.


Quick Guide to Content Ideas Your Audience Will Love!

Public speaking is hard enough as it is. It can be even harder when you don’t know what to speak about. Here are ideas to get your juices flowing (I have even used some of these myself).


The Ultimate KEYS to Going Viral

The ultimate goal is to go viral, right? Well this guide will give you tips on exactly how a Reel gets more views and becomes more popular, collecting views for weeks!


8 Simple Steps to Create a Reel: A Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet

It’s great to know about Reels, but how do you actually make one? This cheat sheet is a step by step guide on how to create a Reel.


5 Templates to Quickly Create Animated Reels and TikTok Videos When You Just Don’t Feel Like Being on Camera

I get it. Sometimes you just don’t feel like showing your face on camera. But it can be frustrating when you don’t have guidance on how to create a Reel or TikTok without your face. I have created 5 ready to use templates so that your face doesn’t have to be the focus.


5 Audiogram Templates to Repurpose Podcast and Audio Room Content on Instagram

There is never enough time in a day, which is why I like to repurpose the content I do create. With these templates, you will have ways to repurpose your audio on Instagram so that you don’t have to record all over again.


5 TikTok and Reels Outro Video Templates To Brand Your Videos

What is one of the most important things to do on social media? It’s branding! These 5 templates will help you consistently brand your posts and account so that people want to engage with you.


Maximize Your Time: Learn How to Repurpose 1 Video 10 ways

Time is your most valuable (and limited) resource. That’s why I want to share with you the tips I use to take one video and repurpose it in 10 different ways. That will save you recording a video 10 times!


The Ultimate Guide to 25 of The Best Reels to Inspire You to Post TODAY

Feeling stuck or uninspired? Don’t worry because here are 25 examples of Reels that you can make for your own business!


4 Hacks to Finding Trending Sounds So You Can Go Viral

Trending sounds are KEY to going viral. But how can you go viral if you don’t know how to find trending sounds? Here are multiple ways to find trending sounds.


My Most-Loved TikTok Video Editing Apps

TikTok has a lot of great features, but sometimes there are some things that you might want editing apps for. This is our list of recommended apps.


How to Successfully Post a Snapchat Story: A Step-by-Step Cheat Sheet

Posting to Snapchat stories is a great way to show your audience the inside scoop about your business. Inside this resource, you will learn how to actually post to your story.


Marketing Mindset Video Series

I sit down with four marketing experts to hear what they have to say and get some insight that you can apply to your business.

🚀  Get 4 Courses, 20 Templates + 15 Bonuses Today!   🚀


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Grow Your Business With Stunning Content Today!

  • Create authority: 4 new courses to help you go viral
  • Create content TODAY: 20 customizable templates to post your first (or next) video today!
  • Cheat sheets, checklists and content prompts: 15 bonuses makes your knowledge from the course ACTIONABLE so you can see results
  • Kickstart VIP Bonuses: The VIP Bonuses have been designed to help you kick-start your growth, beat the competition and get ahead faster!
  • Confidence: ​When you pass all 4 quizzes, you'll earn a Video Marketing Certificate to show off *and* give you the confidence to crush it!


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