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 Daymond on Demand Training (Retails At $2,497)
 Module #1: Business Fundamentals (4 Chapters)
 Module #2: Validating Your Product or Service (9 Chapters)
 Module #3: Protecting Your Business (5 Chapters)
 Module #4: Industry Analysis (4 Chapters)
 Module #5: Identifying Your Target Market (2 Chapters)
 Module #6: Competitive Analysis (1 Chapter)
 Module #7: Developing Your Marketing Plan (1 1 Chapters)
 Module #8: Formulating Your Sales Plan (5 Chapters)
 Module #9: Planning For Growth (9 Chapters)
 Module #10: Crafting Your Business Plan (3 Chapters)
 Module #11: Sources of Money (7 Chapters)
 Module #12: Preparing Your Pitch (1 Chapter)
 Module #13: Building Your Business Credit (4 Chapters)

Viara I.
Co-Founder, Angels and Tomboys

"Like a daily affirmation, Daymond on Demand keeps me fired up and prepared for entrepreneurial experiences while manifestly experiencing this journey with someone that encompasses colossal expertise."

Declan McCarthy
CEO, Snoop, Inc.

"From product validation to business plan development, Daymond on Demand has provided me with supremely in-depth explanations and advice on all things I am likely to experience with my startup!"

James Reynolds
CEO, Benefit Medical, LLC

"As an entrepreneur who did not study business in college, Daymond on Demand acted as a catalyst to build a solid foundation for our company. It helped our team acquire the knowledge and fundamentals to successfully get our startup off the ground. We're doing 7+ figures and are still growing at an exponential rate."

Shanice Ottey
CEO, Fashaniceta Enterprise

"The wealth of information provided in all of the courses was clear, concise, and straightforward so much so that nothing left me at a loss of comprehension of what was discussed in each course. My confidence level in executing my next steps for my business has doubled at the very least."

Josh Ritcher
Empowerment Coach, Your Mental Best

"Recently I've had the pleasure of completing the Daymond On Demand Course. Your online mentorship has changed my business approach and propelled me into bigger (more lucrative) business ventures. You gave me the confidence to attack bigger goals and to keep grinding. It was like having a world-class business mentor right by my side the whole time."

Titta Kote
Founder, The Happy Company

"Daymond on Demand is a powerful tool for online education, and has a wide range of impressive in-depth courses. i highly recommend this training program, especially for business people, entrepreneurs and consultants as we all can benefit from it. I'm always grateful for Daymond and the other outstanding professional from the Daymond on Demand team!"

Melody Hsieh-Hornst
Founder/CEO, Mobo

"With the tools that Daymond on Demand provides, I realized just how much potential my company has for growth and I'm excited to use his advice to bring it to the next level."

Derrick Furlow, Jr.
CEO, Sports. Life. Business

"This program provided incredible value and knowledge in areas that I was never taught. I feel empowered as an entrepreneur, knowing that I have unlimited access to Daymond's extensive range of knowledge at my fingertips!"
Daymond on Demand is a digital business curriculum created by Daymond John to educate aspiring entrepreneurs and provide them with the skills, tools and resources they need to start, build and scale their business.
Have a question for the Daymond on Demand team? Send us an email at help@daymondondemand.com or give us a call at 1-646-867-8660
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