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Let me share my Strategies and Hacks to grow 6 and 7 figure businesses

Create authority in your niche without having to show up online every single day

You are either:

Still working your day job, working your ass off after hours to grow a side hustle that can give your family financial freedom. Time freedom.

Your business is your full-time gig (finally!) but you're still trying to figure out how the heck this lifestyle was supposed to give you more freedom and flexibility. In reality, you’re working more than ever. Instead of 1 boss, it feels like every customer is pulling the strings. And you’re still missing out on precious time you should be spending with your family.

After Black Friday, you’ll never see
this bundle for $147 again.

 Let me share my secrets, strategies and hacks 
with you

to build 6 and 7 figure businesses that I've learned over the last 25 years...

⚡️ Ones that let you quit your day job ⚡️

And that means processes, systems, templates and shortcuts to work quicker and SMARTER , not harder.

You need paying customers… but you also need systems to get them consistently, without burning out. If you practice the power of broke, social media marketing should be in your toolkit.
In it, my expert team teaches you how to reach more people and still get more time back in your day.

You'll learn how to experience more entrepreneurial freedom and implement strategic solutions to systematically grow your business by creating quick, viral videos.

I’m talking about the psychological aspects, expert strategies, technical how-tos and solutions for sales and growth on Reels (Instagram’s favorite post these days).

BUT to really set you up for success, I am also throwing in new mastery classes on Tik Tok, Snapchat and Audio Rooms.

This class is for you if

  • You are unaware of what you can do with Reels or TikTok.
  • You are struggling to figure out how to best use the new features on Instagram.
  • You've seen Reels but don't know how to make one.
  • You've tried to create a Reel but don't know how to edit or add words.
  • You need some fresh ideas for Reels and TikTok content.
  • You're trying to grow your Instagram following.
  • You have a business or product you'd like to promote.
  • You’ve been wanting to try Reels to give your growth a boost but are unsure how to use it and what to post to go viral and double your growth.

Grow Your Business With Stunning Content Today!

  • Create authority: 4 new courses to help you create epic content that will pull your DREAM client to you
  • Create content TODAY: 20+ customizable templates to post your first (or next) video today!
  • Cheat sheets, checklists and content prompts: 15 bonuses makes your knowledge from the course ACTIONABLE so you can see results
  • Confidence: ​When you pass all 4 quizzes, you'll earn a Video Marketing Certificate to show off *and* give you the confidence to crush it!
  • Support: Get access to the Daymond John Network for Entrepreneurs for continued support, guidance and networking

"But Social Media Marketing is like pulling teeth… and fighting with algorithms has gotten exhausting, Daymond".

I know, I know... but here’s the truth - 

There are a lot of gurus out there giving bad advice... and not a lot of crystal clear roadmaps to follow. 

Some of those "gurus" will tell you that to grow your business you need to post 10 times a day, send an email every day, post in 5 facebook groups everyday, run ads, start your own group, go to networking events... the list goes on and on .

But you don’t need to dedicate every waking second to your Instagram or TikTok feeds to effectively promote and grow your brand.

You need to systemically plan, record and schedule content so you can be present without burning out. 

I will teach you how to connect with people who can learn from you, vibe with you and buy from you by creating authority on social media.

The fastest way to create authority is through short-form videos.  

Short videos are the perfect way to showcase your personality and endear yourself to your followers. 

If you want to stress less and still show up to grow your business without spending countless, painful hours on social media everyday… my team and I will teach you how to create high-quality viral marketing content cheaply and quickly, so you can avoid all the usual hassles typical entrepreneurs face.

Here’s the best part: You don’t need any video editing or design experience. And you don't need to dance. 

You just need to follow the process and SHOW up to start showcasing your personality to build trust with your dream customers.

Why Reels and Tik Tok?

  • Deliver your message in a way people want to consume it.
  • Reels are like creating a free 30-second commercial your audience WANTS to see. 
  • Instagram wants you to use this new feature so Reels are being shown to more people than your other posts.That means, this is the smarter way to spend your time.
  • People consume content differently: people who would never read your captions will engage with your message on a Reel because of the fun factor.
  • You wished for a better algorithm - Instagram gave it to you with reels!
  • And.. like Tiktok, Reels pushes smaller accounts, so you don’t need a big account to start going viral!

But I know a lot of people are nervous about getting out there and putting their face on camera all the time.

We will teach you how to repurpose 1 video, 10 ways so you can batch-produce content and be camera- ready for 1 day a month. We also have templates for animated reels and videos so you can still post engaging content without having to put yourself out there every time.

I have also taken my best tips from speaking all over the world and put together an incredible exercise that will ease your anxiety and make getting on camera a breeze.

That’s just a small fraction of what you’ll get today. It covers so much more --

At the end of the day, you’ll learn a foolproof method for marketing your product online, so you’ll easily find plenty of qualified buyers who want to pull out their wallet and GIVE you their hard-earned money. Plus continued support from me and my team in our community group you’ll be invited to. 

Walk away with Actual Content on Day 1 

My team has even created templates for you. These aren’t just guides. They are editable Canva templates to actually put this new knowledge to WORK. You don't need any video editing experience to get started. 

You’re going to get:



  • 6 Canva Templates for Reels and IGTV Covers
  • ​5 Canva Templates for TikTok and Reels Outro Videos
  • ​6 Canva Templates for Animated Reels and Tik Tok videos
  • ​5 Canva Templates for Audiogram templates to repurpose audio room and podcast content
This means you will walk away from this course with ACTUAL content to use on day 1! And all you need is a free Canva account to use them. 
Top-To-Bottom Insight
Proven Strategies & Playback
World-Class Instructor
Content to use
Content to use Today

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